Target Supply - Materials and Logistics for High Repetition Laser

by Keiji Nagai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Target is an important parameter to control the plasma character as its elements and density.  Here I will describe and categorize synthesis and properties of low-density porous materials, which are commonly referred to as foams and are utilized for experiments carried out high energy laser experiments. By focusing a high-power laser on a small target composed of these materials, high energy and density states can be produced.  In the past decade or so, various new target fabrication techniques have been developed by many laboratories that use high energy lasers.  Aspects of low-density materials such as densities, elemental compositions, macroscopic structures, nanostructures and characterization of these materials will be covered. Also, there will be a brief mention of how these aspects affect the results in high-energy laser experiments and the constrictions that these requirements put on the fabrication of low-density materials relevant to this field.  Realistic fabrications and logistics are required in the laser facility to operate series experiments.  I will comment such organization of the target laboratory and future system for the high repetition laser applications.