Interaction of Intense Laser Pulse with Nanowire

by Jian Fuh Ong (ELI-NP)


The interactions of ultra-intense lasers with nanowires received a lot of attention because they appear to show potentials to increase the laser light absorption rate. Laser-nanowire interactions open up various applications such as attosecond bunch generation, enhanced x-ray generation, brilliance gamma-ray yield, as well as efficient micro fusion. Despite many studies on this topic, either numerically or experimentally, the electron dynamics under the action of a strong laser field across the nanowire remain unclear. In this talk, we will discuss the interaction of intense laser with the solid target. Three mechanisms, namely, resonance absorption, vacuum heating, and JxB heating will be introduced. Then, we examine the interactions with a nanowire, such as the generation of return current and z-pinch.

Wakefield excitation inside the nanowire will be introduced. We show the detail of electron transport by using 2D and 3D Particle-In-Cell (PIC) simulation with EPOCH and PICONGPU code.