Electron acceleration experiment at J-KAREN PW facility

by Liviu Neagu (ELI-NP)

Electron laser wakefield acceleration using high-intensity lasers is one of the
powerful tools to achieve time-resolved pump-probe experiment with quasi-table top configurations. The
high-energy electrons (and sometimes high charge) are mentioned/employed across several
experimental proposals of different research activity groups at ELI-NP.

In the framework of the MoU and existing collaboration for the drafting and
implementation of the RA5 TDR, we have been invited to join the experiment of electron acceleration at the
J-KAREN PW laser facility at Kansai Photon Science Institute, QST, Japan. The main purpose of
this experiment was to accelerate and measure high energy electrons in sub-GeV range or high-charge
electron bunches using Helium based gas targets – either a 10 mm gas-jet or a 20 mm gas-cell.

The purpose of the seminar is to present the aspects that the ELI-NP team
participating to the experiment at KPSI considers the most relevant for our implementation work and
preparation for the commissioning experiments.