NSF Funded National Facilities

by Leonard Spinu (National Science Foundation - DMR, USA)

Big Conference Room

Big Conference Room


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by U.S. Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense..." NSF is vital because it supports basic research and people to create knowledge that transforms the future.

A major responsibility of the National Science Foundation (NSF) is the support of scientific facilities as an essential part of science and engineering enterprise. NSF large facilities are major science and engineering research platforms that serve whole research communities.

In this talk it will be provided an overview of the NSF funded large facilities, with a focus on those supporting materials research. The goal of this presentation is to offer a summary of the planning, management and oversight activities related to the NSF funded facilities, and it will serve as a starting point for the planned activity as a part of the Embassy Science Fellows Program. The Embassy Science Fellows (ESF) Program provides U.S. embassies access to the expertise of U.S. government officers in science and technology fields.

Support from the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Bucharest and National Science Foundation is highly acknowledged.