ELI-NP Research Report - Update Summary of 1 PW Commissioning



    • 1
      Speaker: Kazuo A. Tanaka (ELI-NP)
    • 2
      Back reflection amplification in the HPLS
      Speaker: Razvan Dabu (ELI-NP)
    • 3
      Back reflection and beam patterns
      Speaker: Takahisa Jitsuno (ELI-NP)
    • 4
      HPLS tunning during ramp-up and proposals for the near future
      Speaker: Ioan Dancus (ELI-NP)
    • 5
      On the chronicle of seeking for prepulse: the diagnostics used and the physics behind the investigation of the laser temporal contrast
      Speaker: Domenico Doria (ELI-NP)
    • 6
      Presentation of the results obtained during the first run while improving the laser contrast
      Speaker: Mihail Cernaianu (ELI-NP)
    • 7
      Discussion on the second run of the commissioning with solid targets: foreseen possibilities and potential results
      Speaker: Petru Ghenuche (ELI-NP)
    • 8