Rewriting the Rules Governing High Intensity Interactions of Light with Matter

by Charles Rhodes (University of Illinois, USA)

ELI-NP Big Meeting Room

ELI-NP Big Meeting Room


This story is about the generation of an ultrabright source of coherent x-rays. The availability of such a source of radiation would sharply elevate the range of human seeing to a fundamentally new level of enhanced capability.

The new x-ray laser concept overall smoothly incorporates five chief components. They are (1) the hollow atoms efficiently produced with an enhanced interaction in atomic clusters, (2) the self-guided plasma channels containing the clusters, (3) the dispersive dyn amics in the channel stemming from the Kramers-Kronig relations that lifts the amplification and guides the x-rays, (4) an additional dynamic boost of the gain constant arising from Dicke superradiance, and (5) the ultra-high brightness ultraviolet (~248nm) femtosecond terawatt excimer laser technology.