X-ray imaging and spectroscopy diagnostics in HEDP and laboratory astrophysics with high-power lasers

by Sergey Pikuz (Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS, National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia)


Up-to-date X-ray diagnostic methods are introduced being applied in investigations of dense plasma created by high-power and ultra-intense laser pulses. The solutions to measure various plasma parameters by using spectrally resolved radiation of multicharged ions are discussed. Examples of self-emission as well shadowgraphy X-ray images of dense plasmas are given providing the measurement of plasma parameters with spatial resolution.

Recent experimental results obtained in high energy density studies at multi-TW and PW laser facilities are discussed, including the following topics:

- the matter pumped by laser-generated ultra bright X-rays: hollow atoms and plasma with radiation dominated kinetics;

- supersonic plasma flows and shock waves related to astrophysical phenomena;

- ion acceleration in the interaction of fs pulses with solids, nanograin and cluster targets;

- the matter isochorically heated by laser-generated MeV electrons.