May 14 – 18, 2018
Magurele - Bucharest
Europe/Bucharest timezone


In the framework of IT-ELLI project (see, ELI-NP/IFIN-HH is organizing a 5-day training event on "Radiation Safety of Particle Accelerators and High Power Laser Facilities".
All lectures will be in English.


Learning Objectives

• To gain a basic knowledge of nuclear physics and understand the mechanisms of laser-matter interaction
• To understand dosimetric and radiation protection quantities and their  units and to perform simple calculations. To be familiar with operational quantities
• To understand the mechanisms of different types of biological effects following exposure to ionizing radiation
• To become familiar with different types of radiation detectors and their operating principles, their characteristics and applicability
• To become aware of international recommendations on radiation protection and the safe use of radiation sources. To become acquainted with the elements of a national regulatory infrastructure in this field.
• To gain a basic knowledge of particle accelerators, including laser-driven acceleration, and basic requirements for safety associated to the equipment
• To become familiar with different types of radioactive sources and their characteristics. To be able to apply the radiation protection principles to the usage of radioactive sources
• To become aware of the management of disused radioactive sources. To become acquainted with basics of decommissioning of the radiological facilities
• To develop an awareness of the causes and consequences of radiological accidents and approaches to mitigate their consequences

Magurele - Bucharest