Feb 24 – 25, 2022
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

About the workshop

The event is organized in the framework of the IMPULSE project, Task 4.2 (Definition of a standard approach to the target supply and debris shielding) and aims to bring together scientists from ELI pillars, their partners from major European laboratories and users, to debate critical issues on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and debris encountered in high power laser experiments. The meeting is intending to be focused on:

  • specific EMP and debris problems encountered in the fs lasermatter interaction experiments,
  • the recent experimental and theoretical results on EMP,
  • the damage induced by debris,
  • current status and implementation of EMP and debris shielding within the ELI facilities and partners: STFC, HZDR and TUD as well as in other high power laser facilities,
  • Strategies, requirements and efficient technical solution for mitigation the EMP and debris.

The workshop meeting will be organized by ELI-NP online via Zoom, due to the COVID19 pandemic situation.


  1. Updates on the experimental and theoretical results on EMP.
  2. Strategies, solutions, requirements, open questions for EMP and debris shielding with respect to target types and materials, their geometry (dimension and shape) and laser parameters (energy, contrast, intensity, etc.).


Deadline for registration

17 February, 2022

Abstract submission

Abstract submission for EMP and debris mitigation workshop is open until February 17.

Abstracts may be submitted for consideration as an oral contribution.



The workshop program will be available soon.


Local contacts:

Marius Gugiu: marius.gugiu@eli-np.ro

Mihail Cernaianu: mihail.cernaianu@eli-np.ro

Impulse Task 4.2 participating institutions: ELI-DC, ELI-ALPS, ELI-BEAMS, ELI-NP, ELI-ALSP, HZDR, TUD, STFC